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Why stay with Daniel's Place?

As caregivers ourselves we know how hard it is to find care you trust for your loved one. That is why Daniel's Place has a warm and home-like environment that gives guests a safe and comfortable space to stay. Our staff are trained in several areas to ensure safety and meet the individuality of each guest. We also make sure you can communicate with our staff during your loved ones stay.

Caring for someone with a disability can be mentally, emotionally and physically draining.  Taking a break can be a necessity from time to time, even if that break is just to take a bubble bath or go to work.  After taking a break, caregivers are able to give more and enjoy doing it!

 Our guests' will enjoy the opportunity to learn that they can count on others for help, form new friendships, and simply have fun. Guests of Daniel’s Place will spend their time socializing with other guests, engaging in crafting, completing daily living activities, sensory play, life skill practice, developmental play activities, and instrumental activities of daily living.


The fees charged for services at Daniel’s Place will be based on the family’s ability to pay.  An income-based sliding scale will make our services available to all families. We will discuss your personal situation during the intake process.

Age Range 

Our guests can be any age from birth to end of life.


To set up a time to meet please e-mail or text (260) 901-0333

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